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Table of contents
  1. -bind-addr string
  2. -cache-size int
  3. -conf-file string
  4. -log-file string
  5. -log-level uint
  6. -no-tls
  7. -tls-cert string
  8. -tls-key string

Lited parameters

-bind-addr string

the address to listen on (default "")

-cache-size int

number of blocks to hold in the cache (default 40000)

-conf-file string

conf file to pull RPC creds from

-log-file string

log file to write to

-log-level uint

log level (logrus 1-7) (default 4)


Disable TLS, serve un-encrypted traffic.

-tls-cert string

the path to a TLS certificate (optional)

-tls-key string

the path to a TLS key file (optional)